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San Francisco Bay Memorial - Five Stars Yach of Sausalito
The Ultimate Final Destination... The Ocean - A final resting Place in the ocean has been a tradition of many for thousands of years.  Most people that choose the ocean as there final resting place choose it because they love it.
Standard Service Price:  $1100

Set off from our dock in Sausalito to a beautiful and comfortable location within the bay or just outside the Golden Gate Bridge.

Upon arrival at the scattering location, family and friends will conduct a short memorial service, then our staff will assist in scattering the ashes from the bow of the yacht.

Time from departure to return to the dock is an hour and a half.  You may want to bring cut flowers to release after the scattering.
Extended Time:  $400 per 1/2 Hour 

Extended cruises and special requests may be accommodated. For friends and family members whose desire it is to perform a longer memorial service, we recommend extending the cruise time by an extra 1/2 hour. 

Remote Location Fee: $800

Additions to our standard service: 20 Guest Minimum Requirement

  • Coffee & Cookies $6.00 per person

  • Assorted pastries and muffins $8.00 per person

  • Bagels with cream cheese $8.00 per person

  • Coffee and juice  : complimentary

  • Soda Bar $5.00 per person

  • Beer and Wine Bar $32.00 per person 

  • Premium Bar $48.00 per person

Celebration of Life Cruises & Receptions: 

We recommend a "Memorial Ash Scattering" service along with an onboard "Celebration of Life" reception for loved ones.  We have found such a reception can be a much more special experience and especially for out-of-town guests / family members that wish to make the scattering a memorable final event.

These 2 1/2 hour cruises include a beer and wine bar and light hors d'oeuvres.

Cruise Prices:
$1900 - Maximum 20 Guests
Additional Guests -- Maximum 50 -- Add $38 Per Guest

Longer cruising time, Premium bar, and Full Catering are available upon request.
Call: 415-332-3150

Permits: Client families are required to obtain the Burial At Sea Permit from their Mortuary, Crematory or local Department of Health, and bring it with them on the day that we depart. I will execute and file the Department of Health Permit with the appropriate agencies, with copies to my client family and Mortuary.

Sorry.  We do not provide Non-Witnessed Burials, whereby we scatter the cremated remains without the family on board.
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