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The Ultimate Final Destination... The Ocean - A final resting Place in the ocean has been a tradition of many for thousands of years.  Most people that choose the ocean as there final resting place choose it because they love it.


Five Stars Yacht of San Francisco
Pier 40 - South Beach Harbor
Telephone:  415-332-3150
Welcome to Five Stars Yacht Memorials at Sea website.  The tradition of burial at sea is an ancient one. For years we have offered burials at sea as an option for saying good-bye to loved ones, and we are dedicated to providing an affordable, caring, peaceful, and dignified personal service to your complete satisfaction.

Loved ones frequently request their ashes be scattered in the sea in the event of their passing. Whether the deceased had a nautical background or simply loved the ocean, scatterings at sea are a beautiful choice. We respect your privacy. The yacht is exclusively yours.

We offer several packages, including food and bar service if so requested. 

Our services are available seven (7) days a week. For  cruise availability please call:  415-332-3150, or email